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AppRiver Enhances Web Security Offering

Written by DFM Team

A startling finding in this year's Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report is that, in 60 percent of breaches, attackers are able to compromise an organization within minutes. The report confirmed that cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, yet many criminals still rely on tried and true techniques such as phishing and hacking. In fact, when it comes to phishing, it takes just 82 seconds from the start of a phishing campaign circulating to it receiving its first bite. Having succumbed, 75% of attacks spread from the first victim to the next within one day (24 hours). Yet, when it comes to detection, the proportion of breaches discovered within days still falls well below that of time to compromise.

All of this is testament that timely notification and information about cyber intrusion is critical for IT administrators to prevent and minimise the threat from cyber criminals. AppRiver, LLC, a leading provider of email messaging and Web security solutions, today announced its latest version of SecureSurf™, a multi-layered adaptive solution to defend against existing and emerging Web-based threats. This version of SecureSurf also features a new Critical Threat Notification capability that serves as an early warning system for network administrators.
SecureSurf’s multi-layered cloud solution combines proactive features such as firewalls, intrusion detection, anomaly alerting, log analysis, malware forensics and virus intelligence data. Recently, only large companies could afford to implement and maintain comprehensive solutions, but SecureSurf delivers advanced Web security to businesses of all sizes.  
“Unfortunately for online users today, it’s no longer a question of if you will encounter Web-based malware, but when,” explained Joel Smith, CTO, AppRiver.  “Our SecureSurf solution was built to put businesses at ease.  It’s secure, reliable and delivers the protection a business needs without the complexity and costs often associated with enterprise-grade IT security.”
As a cloud service, SecureSurf can stand alone or work in tandem with AppRiver secure messaging products.  Either way, every customer benefits from the company’s global threat intelligence.  
“By combining our own file, message, Web and network threat intelligence with industry data we are effectively identifying network threats and vulnerabilities in order to minimize the threat attack window, or the amount of time an adversary is in the network before they are discovered,” said Smith.  
Timely notification and information about cyber intrusion is critical for IT administrators, he adds.  “As cyber-attacks increase in sophistication, many organizations react too late after an attack is underway.”  
SecureSurf’s new Critical Threat Notifications are instantly delivered to administrators, detecting and flagging traffic that could indicate a network has been compromised.  This new functionality helps ensure threats are mitigated immediately.
“It’s easy to register the IP addresses and domains we wish to monitor,” said Jessica Johnson, technical support engineer, Zumasys.  “Once registration is complete, I trust AppRiver to send alert notifications if and when it detects a clear indication of a system compromise.” 
Additional SecureSurf benefits include: 
  -Network protection from malware, adware and viruses: Real-time security based on data from a number of sources. SecureSurf's DNS engine captures information about bad URLs from a number of sources, enabling the service to protect customers   from emerging insidious sites. Among the tapestry of security sources is AppRiver's own spam protection service, since a high percentage of URLs within spam messages deliver viruses or malware.  
   -Quick and easy deployment: As a cloud-based solution, SecureSurf is continuously updated (more than 2,500 times a day) to shield a network and employees from all known and suspected attack types. 
  -Minimal footprint: SecureSurf does not slow a browsing experience, and users won’t know SecureSurf is running, unless they happen upon a dangerous Web site.
  -Phenomenal Care™: High-touch customer support is available from trained employees 24 hours a day, every day.  
For more information, or a 30-day free trial, please visit www.appriver.com.
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