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Digital Forensics Magazine launches

Sunday, 01 November 2009 15:48 Written by Matthew Rahman

There's a new source of valuable information available for the IT security specialist and for those who are involved in the growing field of digital forensics. A new on-line magazine called Digital Forensics Magazine has been launched and it aims to fill the gap between the academic journal and the news-based web sites that were previously the only resources available to the digital forensics specialist.

Speaking for magazine publishers, TR Media Limited, IT security specialist and a member of the editorial team Tony Campbell said, "Digital Forensics Magazine combines the depth and research of the best academic journals with the more traditional consumer feel of a trade magazine. We noticed there was nothing really out there, so we decided to publish our own."

Tony, who has already authored a number of highly regarded books about Information Technology and believed that branching out into the magazine world seemed perfectly natural, went on to say, "We've been pleasantly surprised at the feedback we've received so far - and also the reach of the readership. A lot of traffic is coming from the US, which is only to be expected, but we've had people register from all corners of the world. For us this just highlights the global nature of the business we're in - preventing cyber crime."

Driven by popular demand, the on-line version of the magazine becomes available in print as of 13th November. Subscribers to the printed version will also have access to the on-line magazine.

"We always talked about the possibility of producing a print version, but to be honest, we're really surprised to be doing it so soon, however, we have to meet market demands, and people are asking about print versions all the time. We've been blown away by the demand. It means more work, but it will be worth it in the end", Tony said.

The magazine is also proving to be popular with students and teachers alike in the digital forensics classroom. The Digital Forensics Magazine team have had a number of emails from lecturers and people providing professional training stating that they are going to make the magazine recommended reading for their students.

At present the team are pulling together issue 2 which will be significantly larger than the launch issue, with more articles and features for the reader to enjoy and learn from.

Digital Forensics Magazine will be a valuable resource for international digital crime fighting agencies, academics, students and professional forensics practitioners alike. Using Yudu (tm) to publish the online quarterly magazine, Digital Forensics Magazine looks and feels like a regular magazine, but on-line. Registrants and subscribers will also receive a monthly email newsletter to supplement the quarterly magazine between issues, keeping them abreast of the latest news of what is happening in the IT security sector. As an added bonus subscribers to the magazine will also receive a printed version of issue one, free of charge.

Digital Forensics Magazine can help keep cybercrime and computer forensics experts up-to-date with the latest developments and advances in forensic techniques. It is available as both an online magazine and in print and is published quarterly. For more information, please visit www.digitalforensicsmagazine.com/media


About Digital Forensics Magazine
Digital Forensics Magazine is the flagship publication produced by TR Media in direct support of the professional computer security industry. Digital Forensics Magazine combines the depth and research of the best academic journals with the more traditional consumer feel of a trade magazine. It published its first issue on November 1st 2009. For more information, please visitwww.digitalforensicsmagazine.com/media

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