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Digital Forensics Magazine Competition Winner

Sunday, 10 January 2010 16:56 Written by Matthew Rahman

Readers and subscribers to Digital Forensics Magazine, the leading online resource for digital forensics and IT security specialists, will remember that in issue 1, there was a competition to win an Archos media player.

Digital Forensics Magazine is happy to announce the winner of their first readers' competition. Lawrence Gray, a 2nd year Forensic Computing BSc student at the University of the West of England, Bristol in the UK. Lawrence walks away with a brand new Archos media player.

Lawrence said, upon being notified, "WOW thank you very much! I never really win anything. Well, as for winning the prize I'm chuffed, being a skint student every little helps. As for the magazine, well where do I start, it has something for everybody, from the novice student, like myself, to a highly qualified professional investigator!"

The team at Digital Forensics Magazine congratulates Lawrence and wish him well in his studies.

Readers of the new magazine, which specialises in providing both articles on the latest thinking in the field of digital forensics as well as product reviews, will be interested to learn that Sony are sponsoring DFM Issue 2 competition with state-of-the-art Dictaphones. To enter this competition simply get hold of a copy of Digital Forensics Magazine Issue 2 - available online or in print - please visit www.digitalforensicsmagazine.com for more details

The second edition of Digital Forensics Magazine is due to be published in February 2010. Don't miss out!


About Digital Forensics Magazine
Digital Forensics Magazine is the flagship publication produced by TR Media in direct support of the professional computer security industry. Digital Forensics Magazine combines the depth and research of the best academic journals with the more traditional consumer feel of a trade magazine. It published its first issue on November 1st 2009. For more information, please visit www.digitalforensicsmagazine.com/media

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