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1   Link   TR Media 4943
2   Link   (ISC)²® 8470
3   Link   eDEC Faraday Bags. RF Shielded bags for forensically sound evidence collection 5142
4   Link   Cyber Degree Hub 698
5   Link   Guardian Digital Forensics 5768
6   Link   Oxygen Software 3226
7   Link   Access Data 4061
8   Link   InfinaDyne 5386
9   Link   The Sleuth Kit 3501
10   Link   AcoDisc 6139
11   Link   Forensic Toolkit (FTK) 4242
12   Link   ISOBuster 4120
13   Link   Forensic 4Cast 6195
14   Link   WinHex 4039
15   Link   Intaforensics - Experts in Computer Forensics 5724
16   Link   Evidence Magazine 5308
17   Link   Elcomsoft 3131
18   Link   Forensic Toxicology 5561
19   Link   Digital Detective 3489
20   Link   InfoSec Reviews 4595
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Forensic Syntactical & Linguistic Investigation

Mark Iwazko presents a case study regarding a Forensic Syntactical & Linguistic investigation: Instructed by the Moscow General Council of one of the actual big four accountants. Read More »

Forensic Readiness: A Proactive Approach to Support Forensic Digital Analysis

An increasing number of criminal actions are inflicting financial and brand damage to organizations around the globe. An impressive number of such cases do not reach the courts, mainly because of the organization’s inefficiency to produce robust digital evidences that are acceptable in the courts of law. Read More »

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Using Error-Patterns for Attribution: An Applied Linguistics Technique

Corpus Linguistics within Second Language Acquisition has developed models of error patterns made by defined groups of second language learners. This knowledge base can be leveraged by a knowledgeable analyst to attribute content to a subset of authors. Read More »

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