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Sunday, 31 January 2016 16:30 Written by DFM Team

WHAT'S COMING UP IN ISSUE 32 - Out August 2017

Continuing our aim of bringing you new and interesting articles from the world of Digital Forensics, Issue 32 is shaping up to be another good mix of research and practical advice, here is just a taste of some of the articles being considered.

Triage Solution for Sex Offender Managers

This article considers a proof of concept triage solution for sex offender managers for a local police force which if successful could simplify and modify the way that sex offenders are managed.

Advancements in Windows Hibernation File Forensics

Windows hibernation files can be a valuable source of information for digital forensic investigators. This article describes how recent developments in hibernation file analysis go beyond reconstruction of active memory.

Why Are Cybercriminals Attracted To Commit Crimes

This article examines how Cybercrime has emerged as a new form of crime following the introduction of the Internet. The actions of these crimes range from petty theft to destruction with malicious intent. Individuals who engage in cybercrime have a psychological mindset that is attuned to it. This paper discusses the motives behind cybercrime and what makes cybercrime attractive to cybercriminals.

A Is someone listening in on your confidential calls?

This feature article is about how the latest 4G networks fail to solve the problem of electronic eavesdropping. Organisations’ intellectual property (IP) and commercially sensitive information may still be listened into by perpetrators using an IMSI catcher despite new security measures and stronger encryption.

Recent Advances in Forensic Radiology

Forensic Radiology is a very specialized area of medical imaging utilizing radiological techniques to assist physicians and pathologists in matter pertaining to the law. This article describes all the recent advancements done till now in the field of forensic radiology.

Photo Book Forensic Analysis

This feature article is all about iPhoto. This application allows Apple MAC users to create a Project (Book, Card, Calendar and Slideshow). This article takes a close look into the creation of a book project, this will introduce some interesting files and will go on to provide steps on how to perform a forensic analysis.

Plus all our usual features "From The Lab", "360", "IRQ" and "Legal news and alerts".

Note: We may change the planned content of future issues without notice.

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