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Wednesday, 31 January 2018 00:00 Written by DFM Team

WHAT'S COMING UP IN ISSUE 40 - Out August 2019

Issue 39 contained many of the papers presented at the DFM sponsored Digital Forensics Conference held at the Forensic Europe Expo in Olympia, London on the 5th March 2019. Issue 40 will bring you those remaining articles presented at the Conference.

Forensic Syntactical & Linguistic Investigation

Mark Iwazko presents a case study regarding a Forensic Syntactical & Linguistic investigation: Instructed by the Moscow General Council of one of the actual big four accountants. This is an investigation using language analysis techniques into the verification of the authorship of correspondence supposedly created by a senior member of staff.

Forensic Readiness: A Proactive Approach to Support Forensic Digital Analysis

An increasing number of criminal actions are inflicting financial and brand damage to organizations around the globe. An impressive number of such cases do not reach the courts, mainly because of the organization’s inefficiency to produce robust digital evidences that are acceptable in the courts of law. Ana Carmen proposes a proactive approach.

Using Error-Patterns for Attribution: An Applied Linguistics Technique

Corpus Linguistics within Second Language Acquisition has developed models of error patterns made by defined groups of second language learners. This knowledge base can be leveraged by a knowledgeable analyst to attribute content to a subset of authors.

Fraudulent Use of Digital Images and Detection Survey

This article looks at the basic concepts related to image forgery; the types, detection procedure algorithms and all possible techniques to detect malicious signatures including a comparative analysis based on forgery types and detection techniques.

Recovery of Forensic Artefacts from Deleted Jump-List in Windows 10

Jump-Lists have been widely discussed in the digital forensics’ community since the release of Windows 7 and are having more capabilities to reveal forensics artefacts in Windows 10. The records maintained by Jump-Lists have the potential to provide the forensic investigator a rich source of evidences about a user’s historic activity.

Plus all our usual features "From The Lab", "360", "IRQ" and "Legal news and alerts".

Note: We may change the planned content of future issues without notice.

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