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Investigating The Digital World

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Issue 54 – Out Now

APT Investigation in Large Commercial Networks

In this research the focus is on reactive investigation, and it sought to improve efficiencies for APT reactive investigation in large commercial networks. Large networks are characterised by large data volumes, data velocity, and veracity challenges. In these conditions attackers hide within the usual system workflows and conceal activities by using common network processes.

The Coventry Churchill Myth and Today’s Digital Dilemma – Separating Fact from Fiction

The Coventry - Churchill myth highlights the complexity of historical events and the oversimplification of facts that can occur over time. In the present day, and governments along with their Militaries and intelligence agencies have a new battleground, the digital realm.

Controlling Digital Forensic Environments - Unlocking Compliance & Efficiency

The Forensics Science Regulator’s Codes of Practice, prepared under Section 2 of the Forensic Science Regulator Act 2021, came into force on 2nd October 2023. These statutory requirements for forensic laboratories ensure sufficient controls are in place throughout Forensic Science Activities (FSAs) to meet the requirements of the UK judicial system. However, meeting all these requirements in a busy digital forensic laboratory can prove difficult. This article is intended to help!

Professionalising The Security Testing Industry - Taming the Wild West of Security Testing

There is currently an inherent lack of trust in the cyber industry between the buying community and the service industry. This is in part caused by the lack of understanding that surrounds cyber security specialisms’; whilst members of the general public understand the gist of what a cyber security professional or generalist does, the more niche specialisms can be a mystery.

Nuclear Security Leadership - ONR And Accenture Deliver Executive Cyber Security Briefings

This article highlights relevant good practice, relating it to the requirements of the civil nuclear sector and is based upon the materials produced to support executive briefings and has wide applicability to the leadership and governance of cyber security in other organisations.

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