Saturday, May 18 2024

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What Are The Real Effects Of Cyber Attacks On Business 


The world has changed, and many would argue it’s for the better. After all, we now live in a hyper-connected world. You could easily find yourself in a situation where a contact in Chicago introduces you to a potential business […]

Data Breach Management: Five Tips For An Effective Response


Luke Milne – Brick Digital Data breaches can have a devastating impact on both organisations and data subjects, regardless of the circumstances. After a breach, organisations can face a multitude of issues, including operational disruption, reputation damage, loss of customer […]

Cybercriminals work within professional organisation’s and don’t always care about the money


Cybersecurity experts explain how to create a resilient human firewall February 16 2024 (Nordlayer) Cyberattacks are indeed sophisticated. However, almost all of them have something in common – they attack people, and people’s awareness determines their success. This is why […]