SSL, Issue 5 and coming up …

Dear DFM Reader,

We have great news. SSL is now up and running and by prefixing our domain name with HTTPS it will encrypt all communications. We will also be switching this across to a mandatory SSL connection later this year once we’re happy it won’t mess up anyone’s access to the digital edition or downloads area. I hope you are happy about this as it’s based on feedback we’ve had from a few readers and we feel that it’s an important step in securing your personal information and making you feel safer in our online environment, especially with the additional services that are coming up next year – product reviews, additional content and job listings to name but a few.

As you are probably aware, issue 5 will be out in a matter of weeks (1st Nov) and as our anniversary issue (yes, we’re 1 year old) we’ve got a great competition for you this time, to win books from O’Reilly, a media player form Archos and some cool software – but you’ll have to use your skills this time rather than answering just a simple question – so prepare for the great DFM cyber challenge ūüėČ

If you subscription is close to an end (and many of you finish with Issue 5) you might be thinking about renewing. If you are, here’s a little taster of what’s coming up next year:

Situational Awareness & Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics in the Cloud
Netflow & Forensics
Using SIEM in Forensic Investigations
Wireless Networks & Digital Forensics
Deep Packet Inspection on High Speed Networks
Data Breach Investigations
New Series on CSIRT’s
Steg Signature Detection
BotNet Forensics
Digital Forensics Outsourcing
Social Networking Spy

Continuing Article Themes:
Lucas Donato – Criminal Profiling – An in depth look at the phases of a computer hacking attack.
Ron Tasker – Volatility – Finding a Rootkit and hidden processes.

If you want to re-subscribe, just head to the DFM website and sign up for another year to make sure you don’t miss an issue or lose vital access.

Finally, thanks for all your feedback and support over the past 12 months, we’ve had a blast, and we appreciate all your letters and comments, they keep us true to our promise to you to deliver the best forensics magazine on the planet. If you have any other suggestions of how we can improve, please just let us know at

Tony Campbell



Digital Forensics Survey Help

Hi everyone,

Our publisher, Tony Campbell, is running a survey as part of his MSc research project, looking into correlations between iPhone usage and configuration, and personality. If anyone can contribute to this research project by taking the survey, Tony would be very grateful. The obvious pre-requisite is that you are an iPhone user.

The survey can be found at