Cyber Security Conference: Infosec Intelligence Conclave 2017

Explore Exhibitions and Conference LLP producer of leading industry event ‘Smart Tech’ series for C suite, Policy makers, Consultants, B2B Sales managers & executives, is pleased to announce the launch of InfoSec Intelligence Conclave 2017 in Bangalore, India. The event is scheduled to take place on October 12th & 13th at the Sheraton Grand.

Cybersecurity has been on top of minds with WannaCry & Petya, IOT security, cyber resilience and new regulations & policies by Government. The most effective financial sector also has been infected at least up to 75% when compared with the other industry sectors and the situation is chaotic and immediate action is imperative. India has been a victim and an easy target for cyber espionage, the Government along with the other public & private organizations has to employ a comprehensive approach to this digital security. While cybersecurity has become the talk of town for every corporate to safe guard their business interest and clients information.

Cyber Security has become a lucrative business wave in the recent years and according to a statistical report, the Indian cyber security market is likely to touch $35 billion and the global cybersecurity market is expected to reach $190 billion by 2025. The upward growth trend has embraced digital transformation and created a roadmap for opportunities and challenges to achieve its strategic vision.

The surge for Cyber Security solutions and its requirements is much required need of the hour. Infosec Intelligence Conclave 2017, will bring together 30+ Top notch speakers, 250+ C Suite delegates from Government & Law Enforcement, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunication and many more to expand their understanding of how to infuse risk awareness into everyday culture and strategies to help you evolving cyber resilience.
Some of our eminent industry speakers/advisors are:

  •  Anuj Tewari – CISO, HCL Technologies
  • Benild Joseph – President, Information Security Advisor – Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), Govt. of India
  • Jasmine Bharucha Gorimar – Head of IT | Information Protection Security, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Subhajit Deb – CISO, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
  • Sumit Dhar – Sr. Director & CISO, Edge Verve (Infosys)
  • Trishneet Arora, Founder & CEO, TAC Security & many more… 

    The topics of discussions include Revolutionizing the future of data security , Protecting Financial Services in cyberspace; When everything is on the net – Internet of Insecure Things; Deconstructing Next-Gen Endpoint security; Best Practices – Embedding Cyber resilience; Protecting critical national infrastructure; Command & Control – the role of the CISO in today’s battlefield; Crosshairs – Proactive strategies to mitigate Cyber threats; Redefining critical application enhancements: BYOD enterprise mobility security; Technology convergence & security consolidation; Transforming InfoSec – Business Agility; Unwitting Insiders Rationale for organizational risk and many such interesting topics.

    The event is been supported by various leading partners like Paladion – Gold Sponsor, Samsung SDS as Silver Partner, EC Council as Training Partner, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) , ISC Bangalore Chapter, Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), Chartered International Institute Of Security & Crisis Management (ciism) , Computer Society Of India (CSI) are the supporting associations , and some well recognized media partners like CXO Today, Telecom Watch, Digital Forensic Magazine, India Tech Online, Private Banking, Electronics Media, Global Security Mag, Telco Professionals, Business Headlines, The Tech Story, Digital 4 n 6 Journal etc

    Conference will act as an annual point of connection for the CXO’s & IT security professionals; an opportunity for them to be updated on the latest breakthroughs in exponential technology and ideas; a place to highlight the burgeoning startup communities’ in cyber space; a place to focus on how exponential technology can help solve Global Security Challenges; an opportunity to shift traditional way to an innovative way; a source of content, inspiration, action and impact with advanced threat landscape to successfully identify, protect, detect, respond & recover.

    To register as a delegate for the Infosec Intelligence Conclave 2017 or to reserve a sponsorship, please visit or email / +91 702287138



Nuix empowers Guernsey law enforcement crackdown on financial crimes

The Bailiwick of Guernsey has become a key transit point for global financial transactions. Effectively policing the financial services industry requires broad visibility into and rapid analysis of massive volumes of digital evidence including emails, databases and files. As the volume of data involved in fraud cases became too complex for conventional tools, Guernsey Police and the Guernsey Border Agency turned to Nuix Investigator Lab to keep up. After collaborating with Nuix, the law enforcement agencies could:

  • Combine multiple evidence sources for correlation, analysis
    and collaborative investigation.
  • Identify hidden relationships across data sets with
    intelligence extraction capabilities.
  • Enable investigators and external subject matter experts to
    analyse, review and collaborate on digital evidence.
  • Receive strong support from Nuix to expand their forensic
    capabilities in response to the changing needs of live investigations.



Arsenal Recon Launches Subscription-Based Licensing for Digital Forensics Tools

Arsenal Recon, digital forensics experts building powerful tools which improve the analysis of electronic evidence, announced new subscription-based licensing today. Arsenal’s new licensing significantly reduces the barrier to entry for corporate, law enforcement, and military digital forensics experts to leverage tools including Hibernation Recon, Registry Recon, and Arsenal Image Mounter.

Why should digital forensics experts use Arsenal’s tools?
Arsenal’s digital forensics tools are designed to exploit electronic evidence in powerful and unique ways – ways in which other solutions, both open source and commercial, do not. Arsenal President Mark Spencer explains how the tools have been battle tested: “Our tools have been used in some of the highest-profile cases on this planet with the highest of stakes – from the Boston Marathon Bombing to the Turkish Sledgehammer trial. Digital forensics experts who arm themselves with Arsenal’s tools are able to gain insight into electronic evidence that was not possible before.” Spencer also added “New versions of our tools are being released today in concert with our subscription-based licensing. Legacy licenses purchased by our existing customers will of course continue to work as expected.”

What are the benefits of the new subscription-based licensing?

  • Enables the professional functionality of all Arsenal tools with a single license
  • Significantly lowers the barrier to entry in terms of cost (just $49/month)
  • Supports locking-in a low monthly price well into the future
  • Always provides the latest versions (the hassle of SMS is eliminated)

What are people saying about Arsenal’s tools?
“Hibernation Recon has become DoD’s must-have tool for extracting digital artifacts from Windows hibernation files. Not only does Hibernation Recon properly reconstruct active memory for all versions of Windows when other tools fail, it is the only tool that extracts various types of ‘slack space,’ which has yielded critical forensic artifacts for DoD’s foreign intelligence mission that could not have been obtained any other way.”
— United States Department of Defense

About Arsenal Recon
Our team is led by Mark Spencer, whose philosophy is “Don’t settle for the easy way, strive for the right way.” We are passionate about computer forensics and dedicated to the preservation and analysis of electronic evidence using the most powerful technologies available. In our quest to dig deeper, we grew tired of waiting for solutions to meet our needs – so we began building our own.






Cyber London Conference

The Cyber London Conference will provide the ideal platform to bring together government, companies and organisations from the private and public sectors to discuss and share the latest content on Cyber Security Solutions.

The conference will provide you with knowledge, insight and the solutions you require to keep up with the latest threats and challenges within the Cyber Security Sector.

The conference is designed for CISOs, Heads of IT, CTOs, Chief Security Officers, Cyber Architects, Thought leaders, Academics and Senior Cyber leaders from Cyber Security sector and Cybersecurity Solution Providers.

This is the perfect to opportunity to meet the information security community all under one roof.

Conference Webpage:

Company Webpage:



InfoSecurity Russia 2017

Russia Anti-DDoS Services Market 

According to IDC Worldwide DDoS Prevention Products and Services Forecast, the world market of DDoS-attacks protection tend to have annual growth rate of 11% in years from 2015 to 2020, and the 2020 figure will exceed $1 billion.

The Russian market for protection against DDoS attacks is far from saturation, and by the year of 2020 its volume is about to reach $32 million with average annual growth rate of 14.4%. The main factors that affect the market and will affect it in the future include the use of mobile devices and IoT as participants in botnets, the IPv6 protocol implementation; the growing number of different Internet services, the widespread use of DDoS as a service, as well as the critical and zero-day vulnerabilities. Read more>>> 

Be part of InfoSecurity Russia 2017. Discuss the key trends that impact the industry and profiles of leading suppliers of the market in Russia and join the professional society serving information security in Russia.





Cyber Intelligence Europe

Cyber Security is continuing to be a major concern for many European governments and the threat is becoming greater each year. Cyber Intelligence Europe will provide in-depth case studies of recent threats and attacks faced to government infrastructures. 

Many governments are increasing their focus on developing strong cyber defence strategies against possible attacks. With this in mind, the 5th annual Cyber Intelligence Europe conference and exhibition will bring together leading public sector officials who will discuss their cyber security plans, strategies and current capabilities.  

The conference will also provide in-depth case studies on recent cybercrimes being faced to computer systems and response countermeasures to cybercrimes that are faced. There is an importance for governments across Europe to share information on recent attacks to help with threat intelligence techniques.  

The event will be hosted once again in Bucharest, Romania where the new government will be placing a focus on building their cyber security plan and strategy for the next few years. 

For more information regarding this international event please contact or +44 (0)1582 346 706. 




New Lookout Research Showcases Evolving Spyware Techniques – Google Play

Lookout Security Intelligence researchers have just released information on the discovery of the Igexin advertising software development kit (SDK) which was found in more than 500 apps which were available on Google Play and downloaded by more than 100 million Android users.
The actor(s) behind Igexin created a malicious ad SDK in order to trick developers into building the malicious software into their apps, thus delivering spyware capabilities such as call log exfiltration. The Igexin discovery further showcases the evolving technique of targeting app developers and SDKs, and triggering spyware in apps after they’ve made it into the official apps store.
More information can be found in Lookout’s blog post HERE.



IoT connected soldiers hacked in latest Cyber Security Challenge UK competition

Government communications agency HMGCC, the MoDBAE Systems and Cyber Security Challenge UK arranged a mock cyber-attack on Internet of Things (IoT) connected soldiers in the field at the MoD’s Defence Cyber School, part of the Defence Academy, Shrivenham. Twenty-four cyber amateurs battled against a fictitious hacktivist group to avert an attack on a live test run of experimental military communications equipment as part of the MoD’s Future Soldier Vision.

The competition was the latest face-to-face semi-final round in Cyber Security Challenge UK’s 2017 series of competitions, designed to unearth and nurture the UK’s best cyber security talent and help them gain careers in the industry. The 24 competitors were selected from a series of gruelling online qualifying rounds on the Challenge’s CyPhinx (Play on Demand) system.

All its competitions are designed to reflect potential real-life cyber security scenarios. This competition comes in the wake of militaries becoming increasingly wary of cyber-attack. In October 2016, the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced that the Government will invest up to £265m to boost the defence of military cyber systems, highlighting the scale of the threat.

The scenario, created by cyber specialists from HMGCC, saw contestants use their cyber security skills to safeguard the experimental soldier geo-tracking technology. Midway through the test, a nefarious hacktivist group hijacked the system using a man-in-the-middle attack, a sophisticated type of cyber-attack in which attackers intercept and manipulate communications between two parties without detection. The team lost contact with the soldiers, and raced against the clock to remediate the situation.

Candidates were ordered to report to military chiefs to explain why contact was lost, and had to advise on how to respond within international legal guidelines. This tested their legal knowledge, while side tasks such as puzzles and ciphers hidden around the military site tested their cryptography and problem-solving skills.

The winning team was team Challenger 2, Andy Grabowski, Caroline Haigh and Io Swift Wolf.

The 12 candidates that will progress to Masterclass in November are: Mark Brown, Michael Carr, Chris Hatton, Zul Sadiq, David Baker, David Orelowitz, Daniel Nash, Phillip Whitehead, Joshua Green, Peter Abay, Caroline Haigh, Edward Ouzman who is just 15 year’s old!

Cyber specialists from government and industry assessed the contestants to rank their performance and suitability for careers in the industry. The top performers have been invited to the Masterclass grand final in November where they could be offered highly lucrative jobs that average around £60,000 per year.

(ISC)2, the world’s largest independent body of information security professionals, predicts a shortfall of 1.8 million workers by 2022 if current employment trends continue and it is critical that this is addressed in order to protect our country’s infrastructure. It also identified a critical need to hire more young people into the profession.

Nigel Harrison, acting Chief Executive of Cyber Security Challenge UK said:

“Cybercrime affects all organisations, whether that’s corporations, charities or even the military. Our events represent the scenarios that cyber security experts in the field could experience on a day-to-day basis, and the types of attacks they could come up against. With a widening skills gap affecting organisations’ abilities to protect themselves, events like these provide the perfect opportunity for new talent to shine in front of prospective employers.”

An HMGCC spokesperson said:

“Our work involves the design and delivery of communication systems and technical solutions to protect national security at home and overseas, and finding people with the capabilities to keep delivering this is paramount. Through initiatives such as the Cyber Security Challenge UK, we can watch the future of the industry in action, and this gives us so much confidence as we see first-hand the talent that is available to us and the country as a whole. Our customers are various Government bodies, and we’re growing fast thanks to their increasing demand for our services. Now we need even more fresh talent on board.”

Paul Bleackley, Cyber Education Manager, Defence Academy of the UK said:

“Cyber security is a huge area of focus for the UK military now, and bolstering our cyber capability is crucial for national security. We’re supporting this competition to help find and develop the cyber security talent out there and encourage them into roles that protect the country from the current and future threats.”

Cathy Sutherland, Director, National Security, BAE Systems said:

“Training, real-life experience and education are essential to develop future cyber security professionals. Working on programmes such as this puts us at the heart of finding the best talent, helping organisations stay safe from digital threats.”




Cyber-security top of the agenda at Channel Live

Leading experts from IBM, Larato, Lyons Leeming, HighNet and the Fraud and Cybercrime Prevention office, will discuss the implications of security breaches, attacks and how the Channel can protect itself as part of the forthcoming Channel Live seminar programme (12 – 13 September 2017, NEC, Birmingham).

Dr Lucy Green, MD at Larato will lead a panel debate looking at the recent Ransomware attack and how businesses can protect themselves in future. She is joined by DC Joe Giddens, Financial Crime, Fraud and Cybercrime Prevention and David Alldritt, Technology and Innovation Director at HighNet. Cyber security expert Cal Leeming will share his unique perspective on cyber risk management drawing on his experience as the UK’s youngest hacker through to his leadership role today. Martin Borrett, CTO at IBM will discuss AI and cybercrime – looking at how cognitive security can combat the issue.

Dr Lucy Green commented: “It’s essential for the Channel to protect themselves against threats like Ransomware that we saw earlier in the year. I’m looking forward to leading a lively debate with the panel on what the key issues are, and offering advice to visitors on what they need to do next.”

They are joined by the likes of Neil Muller, CEO of Daisy Group, Duncan Gooding, COO at TalkTalk Business and James Marshall, CTO for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses at Microsoft UK as part of the free seminar programme. Visitors can choose from thirty free seminars split across two theatres covering topics such as: the future of the workplace, using digital to transform customer experience, SD-WAN, the future of IP and implications of GDPR.

David Dungay, Content Director at Channel Live added: “This is the biggest free seminar programme we have ever staged for the Channel. We are thrilled to welcome so many big names to the event and excited to cover so much ground in the seminar content. It promises to be a packed couple of days, and we would urge visitors to plan their visits in advance so they don’t miss out.”

Running alongside the seminar programme, sponsored by Knight Corporate Finance, is an exhibition featuring 150 suppliers. The brand new event, which is sponsored by TalkTalk Business, promises to help resellers, VARs and other Channel partners meet, network and discuss opportunities face to face with vendors and solution providers.
Registration is free at



Worldwide Information Security Spending Will Grow 7 Per Cent to Reach $86.4 Billion in 2017

Worldwide spending on information security products and services will reach $86.4 billion in 2017, an increase of 7 per cent over 2016, with spending expected to grow to $93 billion in 2018, according to the latest forecast from Gartner, Inc.

Within the infrastructure protection segment, Gartner forecasts fast growth in the security testing market (albeit from a small base) due to continued data breaches and growing demands for application security testing as part of DevOps. Spending on emerging application security testing tools, particularly interactive application security testing (IAST), will contribute to the growth of this segment through 2021.

Security services will continue to be the fastest growing segment, especially IT outsourcing, consulting and implementation services. However, hardware support services will see growth slowing, due to the adoption of virtual appliances, public cloud and software as a service (SaaS) editions of security solutions, which reduces the need for attached hardware support overall.

“Rising awareness among CEOs and boards of directors about the business impact of security incidents and an evolving regulatory landscape have led to continued spending on security products and services,” said Sid Deshpande, principal research analyst at Gartner.

“However, improving security is not just about spending on new technologies. As seen in the recent spate of global security incidents, doing the basics right has never been more important. Organisations can improve their security posture significantly just by addressing basic security and risk related hygiene elements like threat centric vulnerability management, centralised log management, internal network segmentation, backups and system hardening,” said Mr Deshpande.

Other assumptions behind Gartner’s latest information security market forecast include:

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has created renewed interest, and will drive 65 per cent of data loss prevention buying decisions today through 2018.

The GDPR has caused an overall panic and unease among organisations in Europe, but will also have a global effect since multinationals will also need to adhere to the new law. While organisations are working toward strengthening their knowledge of the regulation, those with some form of data loss prevention (DLP) already implemented are determining what additional capabilities they need to invest in (specifically, integrated DLP such as data classification, data masking and data discovery). In addition, organisations that do not already have strong DLP in place are looking to increase their capabilities.

By 2020, 40 per cent of all managed security service (MSS) contracts will be bundled with other security services and broader IT outsourcing (ITO) projects, up from 20 per cent today.

To deal with the complexity of designing, building and operating a mature security programme in a short space of time, many large organisations are looking to security consulting and ITO providers that offer customizable delivery components that are sold with the MSS. As ITO providers and security consulting firms improve the maturity of the MSS they offer, customers will have a much broader range of bundling and service packaging options through which to consume MSS offerings. The large contract sizes associated with ITO and security outsourcing deals will drive significant growth for the MSS market through 2020.

By 2021, more than 80 per cent of large businesses in China will deploy network security equipment from a local vendor.

China’s recently approved cybersecurity law will contribute to further displacement of US-manufactured network security products with local Chinese vendors. Despite an increase of 24 per cent in 2016, Gartner expects end-user spending growth in Asia/Pacific to return to single-digit yearly growth from 2018 onward, as a result of a decline in average selling prices, due to the more competitive pricing of Chinese solutions.

More detailed analysis is available to Gartner clients in “Forecast Analysis: Information Security, Worldwide, 1Q17 Update” and “It’s Time to Align Your Vulnerability Management Priorities With the Biggest Threats.”