£3.5 million investment to train the next generation of forensic scientists

Cranfield University is investing £3.5 million in the latest forensic science technology at its Cranfield campus. Building on Cranfield’s distinctive strength in defence and security, this forensic science teaching and research facility will be unparalleled in the UK.

Students and staff will have access to new facilities such as a virtual reality autopsy table, crime scene investigation rooms and a simulated mass grave excavation site, from summer 2020.

Cranfield Forensic Institute is one of the world’s leading forensic science departments specialising in areas such as archaeology, ballistics, engineering failures, explosives and materials science. Students who have graduated through the Institute have gone on to leading roles in the police, the Home Office and academia.

To celebrate the investment the University is also announcing that five full scholarships will be available through to prospective students demonstrating excellence in their field.

Professor Andrew Shortland, Director of Cranfield Forensic Institute, said: “The investment in these new technologies will create unparalleled facilities for our students and staff to develop their research and learning. For decades, Cranfield Forensic Institute has been at the forefront of forensic science globally; these new facilities will enable us to raise our ambitions even further and enable our students to continue to be at the front of the queue for careers in organisations such as the police, Home Office and DSTL.”

Professor Sir Peter Gregson, Chief Executive and Vice-Chancellor, said: “Cranfield has a proud track record of leading forensic science research and education. I’m delighted that the University is able to invest in these new leading facilities for our students and our staff.”