44,000 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Customers Breached – Expert Comment

The Washington Post has reported that data on roughly 44,000 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation customers was recently breached accidentally by a departing employee.

Commenting on this, David Gibson, VP of strategy and market development at Varonis, said: “A vast number of data breaches are due to insiders, malicious or otherwise. The root of the problem is that most employees have access to far more information than they need to do their jobs, their data activities are not monitored or analysed for malicious behaviour. This is especially true for unstructured data – the largest, fastest growing kind of data that often contains an organisation’s intellectual property, financial records, and other important content. As a result, low-level workers can access and make off with highly sensitive information, often without anyone knowing. To make matters worse, outsider attackers often hijack employee or contractor credentials and then have the same free access as insiders. Organisations have to start doing a better job of tracking and analysing how users use data, profiling their roles and behaviours, mapping and reducing unwanted access, discovering sensitive data and locking it down or moving it out of harm’s way.”