Arsenal Recon Launches Subscription-Based Licensing for Digital Forensics Tools

Arsenal Recon, digital forensics experts building powerful tools which improve the analysis of electronic evidence, announced new subscription-based licensing today. Arsenal’s new licensing significantly reduces the barrier to entry for corporate, law enforcement, and military digital forensics experts to leverage tools including Hibernation Recon, Registry Recon, and Arsenal Image Mounter.

Why should digital forensics experts use Arsenal’s tools?
Arsenal’s digital forensics tools are designed to exploit electronic evidence in powerful and unique ways – ways in which other solutions, both open source and commercial, do not. Arsenal President Mark Spencer explains how the tools have been battle tested: “Our tools have been used in some of the highest-profile cases on this planet with the highest of stakes – from the Boston Marathon Bombing to the Turkish Sledgehammer trial. Digital forensics experts who arm themselves with Arsenal’s tools are able to gain insight into electronic evidence that was not possible before.” Spencer also added “New versions of our tools are being released today in concert with our subscription-based licensing. Legacy licenses purchased by our existing customers will of course continue to work as expected.”

What are the benefits of the new subscription-based licensing?

  • Enables the professional functionality of all Arsenal tools with a single license
  • Significantly lowers the barrier to entry in terms of cost (just $49/month)
  • Supports locking-in a low monthly price well into the future
  • Always provides the latest versions (the hassle of SMS is eliminated)

What are people saying about Arsenal’s tools?
“Hibernation Recon has become DoD’s must-have tool for extracting digital artifacts from Windows hibernation files. Not only does Hibernation Recon properly reconstruct active memory for all versions of Windows when other tools fail, it is the only tool that extracts various types of ‘slack space,’ which has yielded critical forensic artifacts for DoD’s foreign intelligence mission that could not have been obtained any other way.”
— United States Department of Defense

About Arsenal Recon
Our team is led by Mark Spencer, whose philosophy is “Don’t settle for the easy way, strive for the right way.” We are passionate about computer forensics and dedicated to the preservation and analysis of electronic evidence using the most powerful technologies available. In our quest to dig deeper, we grew tired of waiting for solutions to meet our needs – so we began building our own.