Austrian foreign ministry fighting against ‘serious cyberattack’- Comment

It has been reported that Austria’s foreign ministry has been targeted by a cyber-attack that is suspected to have been conducted by another country. The ministry said the seriousness of the attack suggested it might have been carried out by a “state actor”. The hack started on Saturday night and experts warn it could continue for several days.

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Commenting on the news is Hugo van den Toorn, manager, offensive security at Outpost24:

“It is true that despite the precautions taken and all the controls in place, a motivated attacker can always find a way through an organisation’s defences. Although we see an increase in politically motivated attacks over the past few years, we should remain vigilant in blaming certain threat actors or nation-states. As we also see that attribution remains difficult with cyber-attacks, past attacks learn that adversaries will attempt to make their attacks look like other actors in an attempt to avoid taking the blame or to provoke conflicting parties.”