Brazilian pirates discover new hack for the PS4

It appears that hackers from Brazil have managed to discover a new exploit for the PS4. A couple of weeks ago, a number of electronic stores in Brazil had been advertising the means to copy and run a series of ripped retail games on the console. Not a whole lot was known about the hack back then, but information gradually began to trickle out from customers and make its way around the web. Gavin Reid, VP of threat intelligence, Lancope stated;

“Vendors in this space face aggressive targeting by communities wishing to remove copy protection. The PS4 will be no different and Sony will continue to play an arms race against groups that benefit from the abilities to copy and share games. Open source groups like Homebrew with more altruistic motivations of extending the functionality of the console alongside groups selling modified consoles specifically to play  copied games and of course the resell of the games themselves at fraction of the actuals costs. This has happened  historically with all of the major consoles. It would be highly unlikely not to continue with the PS4.”

TK Keanini, CTO, Lancope commented;

“As a PS4 and Xbox gamer, I would also like to add that the integrity of the game is not only a matter of piracy but a matter of game play.  Game developers must develop advanced methods of checking the integrity of the game at runtime as a certain percentage of gamers hack the game so that they can have an unfair advantage in competition.  When this happens, most folks stop playing the game and the community moves  to another game.  Gamers don’t mind losing as long as they have lost in fairness.  These cheats sometimes allow competitors to hide in walls or aimbots give them 100% accuracy, no one like cheaters.”