The first annual (ISC)² Security Congress

(ISC)² Security Congress – Collocated with the ASIS International 57th Annual Seminar and Exhibits – September 19th – 22nd, Orlando, Florida

The first annual (ISC)² Security Congress offers invaluable education to all levels of information security professionals, not just (ISC)² members. This event will provide information security professionals with the tools to strengthen their security without restricting their business. (ISC)² and ASIS International have teamed up to bring you the largest security conference in the world, with five days of education and networking opportunities. Don’t miss out. Register today! To make your selection from over 200 conference sessions, free education and special pricing on official CISSP and CSSLP Intensive education. For more information, please visit:



Student discount available until end of Feb

To help students make their money go further Digital Forensics Magazine has reinstated their 20% student discount for all those studying computer sciences or digital forensics. Offer applies to the digital version of the magazine subscription only.

From now until February 28th 2011 Digital Forensics Magazine is again offering students of digital forensics, computer sciences, or just those who are interested in this growing and fascinating discipline, 20% discount on the price of a digital subscription to their magazine.

In order to receive the discount code, please email marketing@digitalforensicsmagazine from a valid academic email account and the DFM team will send back a code to use during the subscription process that will give students 20% discount.



Amazing 1/2 Price C|HFI Course

Hi everyone,

I’ve just heard from Firebrand Training that they are happy to extend an offer of a reduced-rate Forensics Training courses to our readers if they call now and book the C|HFI course and C|EH together. These are EC-Council courses all provide you with the ability to get certified in your profession. This is a great offer and we are really pleased to be able to offer it to you.

Remember, when you phone, tell them you got the offer from Digital Forensics Magazine.

From Firebrand Training

Firebrand Training is offering half price EC-Council Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (C|HFI) certification, if you book the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) course at the same time. Call us on 080 80 800 888 and join the Digital Forensics community!”

The links to the the two courses:





Get Involved


As we continue to strive to bring you the latest happenings in the world of digital forensics, we are on the look out for anyone who has a story to tell or something to share that would benefit the wider profession.

If you are:

  • researching a particular aspect of digital forensics
  • have developed a new tool that you would like to share
  • been involved in a case that has raised specific issues

then we want to hear from you.

If you have already written an article that has not been published or even one that has been published with a limited distribution and would like a wider audience, we are happy to discuss its suitability for any of our publications:

  • Magazine
  • Web White Paper
  • Newsletter


If you want a slightly less formal outlet than the web site or magazine, but still have something to say, we still want to hear from you for the DFM Blog and/or newsletter, if you:

  • have an opinion on a recent news item
  • a short story to impart
  • need an outlet for your frustration

We are looking to identify a number of you who would like to be regular contributors to the Blog or maybe provide less formal articles for the newsletters.

Technical Tools / Application Developers

Have you created a tool or application that you would like to share with others? If so, then contact us immediately.

Many practitioners develop their own tools and applications to deal with specific situations that arise. Rest assured that you would not be the only one who will meet that situation. So if you are prepared to share your tools with others, we have established a tools download section on the DFM website.

All tools will come with the normal safety warnings regarding their use, and using our outlet will get you feedback from your peers.

Technical Reviewers

Do you have the time and ability to technically review an article or tool/application? Then we want to hear from you.

At DFM we are always on the look out for people who are willing to carry out technical reviews of articles or tools/applications. We already have a waiting list of vendors who would like us to provide a technical review of their products, if you would like to join our team of technical reviewers; then contact us now.

Technical reviews will be published on the website and on occasion in the magazine, with the review fully attributed to the reviewers, if they so wish. You must not be a competitor or employee of the vendor who is supplying the technology for review, and you must have the skills and facilities to carry out any review. This is ideal for Universities or who have access to labs or those who have their own lab.


If you would like to get involved in any way, then drop us a line.

Send an email to providing a short biography and what aspect of DFM you would like to get involved with. We will then send you further details on how to proceed, in the area you have chosen.

Join the virtual team here at DFM and “Get Involved”



Reviewer’s copy of iOS Forensics

I received my reviewer’s copy of the iOS Forensics book today from Apress (thanks for the freebie, guys) and it really is a spectacular job. Apress is a great publisher and the layout, cover and attention to detail with Sean’s manuscript is second to none. I hope you feel it worth it to buy this book for your forensics collection as Sean put a mammoth effort into it – I can attest to every late night, ounce of blood and sweat and headache this tome caused – however, the result is… well, view for yourself.



Book Details

iOS Forensic Analysis: for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch book cover

  • By Sean Morrissey
  • ISBN13: 9781430233428
  • ISBN10: 1430233427
  • 372 pp.
  • Pub Date: 2010-12-21
  • eBook Price: $41.99



New iPhone Forenics White Paper

Are you looking for the best mobile forensics tool for iPhone Forensics? Well, a good place to start is viaForensics’ updated (and free) iPhone Forensics white paper at:

The white paper is geared towards forensic examiners and includes plenty of screenshots, comments and other useful information.

Why do we provide this white paper for free? Well, all of us are struggling with the influx of mobile devices. By reviewing each of the tools, we not only provide a service to the forensics community but we have great dialogue with the development companies and we hope it leads to improvements in their software (a.k.a make our jobs easier). We’ve observed great strides in the software since 2009 and if the community at large shares their feedback, we can make things better.

So check it out…and by all mean, please let us know what you think, where we can improve the tool or any other suggestions you have. And stay tuned for more updates. We are working on our Android Forensics white paper (as well as Syngress books on both iPhone and Android forensics) and since we’re clearly not busy enough, we might kick off a series with DFM on Forensics and Programming.

Andrew Hoog
Chief Investigative Officer
tel: +1 312-878-1100



Issue 5 is Here

Hi folks,

Issue 5 of Digital Forensics Magazine is here. This time we’ve put together some great content on topics as far reaching as criminal profiling and volatile memory heap analysis; as well as the usual Legal section, From the Lab, and Angus Marshall’s IRQ column. We also welcome the world-famous, forensics commander-in-chief, a.k.a. Rob Lee, as one of our regulars who will be taking forward his own column in each and every issue from now on (now that’s value for money!). Also, we’ve introduced another new column to our format, this time concentrating on Mac Forensics (entitled Apple Autopsy) and at the helm of that section we welcome Sean Morrissey of Katana Forensic (and the brains behind the Lantern iOS forensics product and the forthcoming book from Apress on iOS forensics).

This is also the first of a series of special issues we’re putting together that focus on very specific themes of forensics. This idea came from a variety of 360 feedback letters and we believe it is a fantastic way of ensuring you get the biggest bang for you buck from your subscription. Issue 5 focuses on all aspects of Training & Education, opening the Pandora’s box of all the difficult issues of professionalism that you face every day.

Finally, we hope that you enjoy this issue of Digital Forensics Magazine, and please spread the word as we’ve really enjoyed our first year and want to make sure we continue publishing long into the future. We welcome all comments to our 360 department and will attempt to answer all your letters as quickly as possible.

Bye for now!




SSL, Issue 5 and coming up …

Dear DFM Reader,

We have great news. SSL is now up and running and by prefixing our domain name with HTTPS it will encrypt all communications. We will also be switching this across to a mandatory SSL connection later this year once we’re happy it won’t mess up anyone’s access to the digital edition or downloads area. I hope you are happy about this as it’s based on feedback we’ve had from a few readers and we feel that it’s an important step in securing your personal information and making you feel safer in our online environment, especially with the additional services that are coming up next year – product reviews, additional content and job listings to name but a few.

As you are probably aware, issue 5 will be out in a matter of weeks (1st Nov) and as our anniversary issue (yes, we’re 1 year old) we’ve got a great competition for you this time, to win books from O’Reilly, a media player form Archos and some cool software – but you’ll have to use your skills this time rather than answering just a simple question – so prepare for the great DFM cyber challenge 😉

If you subscription is close to an end (and many of you finish with Issue 5) you might be thinking about renewing. If you are, here’s a little taster of what’s coming up next year:

Situational Awareness & Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics in the Cloud
Netflow & Forensics
Using SIEM in Forensic Investigations
Wireless Networks & Digital Forensics
Deep Packet Inspection on High Speed Networks
Data Breach Investigations
New Series on CSIRT’s
Steg Signature Detection
BotNet Forensics
Digital Forensics Outsourcing
Social Networking Spy

Continuing Article Themes:
Lucas Donato – Criminal Profiling – An in depth look at the phases of a computer hacking attack.
Ron Tasker – Volatility – Finding a Rootkit and hidden processes.

If you want to re-subscribe, just head to the DFM website and sign up for another year to make sure you don’t miss an issue or lose vital access.

Finally, thanks for all your feedback and support over the past 12 months, we’ve had a blast, and we appreciate all your letters and comments, they keep us true to our promise to you to deliver the best forensics magazine on the planet. If you have any other suggestions of how we can improve, please just let us know at

Tony Campbell



Digital Forensics Survey Help

Hi everyone,

Our publisher, Tony Campbell, is running a survey as part of his MSc research project, looking into correlations between iPhone usage and configuration, and personality. If anyone can contribute to this research project by taking the survey, Tony would be very grateful. The obvious pre-requisite is that you are an iPhone user.

The survey can be found at




Cell Phone Evidence Extraction

Due to popular demand Detective Cindy Murphy has released her paper on a process for Cellular Evidence and Data Extraction. We at DFM are happy to help get this into the hands of Digital Forensic Investigators globally and whilst it has not been reviewed through our normal technical review process we are happy to help publicise this piece of much needed work. The article is available for download using the link below or subscribers to Digital Forensics Magazine can download the paper from the White Papers Downloads Section of the DFM Website.

Cindy Murphy is a Detective with the City of Madison, WI Police Department and has been a Law Enforcement Officer since 1985. She is a certified forensic examiner (EnCE, CCFT-A, DFCP), and has been involved in computer forensics since 1999. Det. Murphy has directly participated in the examination of hundreds of hard drives, cell phones, and other digital evidence pursuant to criminal investigations including homicides, missing persons, computer intrusions, sexual assaults, child pornography, financial crimes, and various other crimes. She has testified as a computer forensics expert in state and federal court on numerous occasions, using her knowledge and skills to assist in the successful investigation and prosecution of criminal cases involving digital evidence. She is also a part time digital forensics instructor at Madison Area Technical College, and is currently working on her MSc in Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime Investigation through University College in Dublin, Ireland.

Cell Phone Evidence Extraction Process Development 1.8
Mobile Device Forensic Process v3.0