Cellebrite Optimises Forensic Triage Via Rapid and Controlled Extraction

Cellebrite, a leader in digital forensic extraction, decoding and analysis solutions, introduced an enhanced version of its UFED InField solution recently at Mobile Forensics World.

The new platform agnostic software solution delivers simplified, secure forensics data access and control while streamlining investigative workflows as part of a multi-tier forensic architecture. An intuitive user interface and new selective extraction capabilities make accessing specific live device data quick and easy. These new capabilities accelerate investigations by allowing agencies to increase access by extending the reach of extraction capabilities to investigators, unify investigative teams by connecting lab and field personnel around the evidence collection process, and secure digital evidence that they can defend in court.

“Today, mobile forensics is touching every single type of crime we investigate, from petty theft, to high-profile, complex homicide investigations,” said Sgt. Frank Pace, Phoenix Police Department Digital Forensics Investigative Unit. “As a profession, we are at a point that we need to integrate digital forensics, related training and policies into our culture and processes. Every officer, investigator and prosecutor is going to need that to be effective in their job.”

Field tested and proven, the InField solution allows officers and investigators at every level and in any location to securely access and perform forensically sound logical and physical extractions of mobile device or SIM card data by timeframe, data types or relevant persons with minimal training.

Whether accessed via in-car workstations, laptops, tablets or self-service kiosks located at a station, this single-purpose, frontline solution supports the widest variety of device types with intuitive workflows that prevent errors or contamination of evidence. The InField software runs across hardware platforms, including the UFED Infield Kiosk and UFED TK. The new enhanced version now enables:

-Real-time Access to Qualified Digital Evidence
-Field users can select and extract only the relevant data needed based on time range or specific subject information.
-The Quick Copy feature encourages digital consent by allowing officers and investigators the ability to copy only specific evidence from witnesses and/or victim’s phones, leaving personal data private.
-Centralised Management & Control

UFED InField simplifies the end-to-end visibility to and management of software updates, configuration modifications, user permissions and usage statistics by crime types and devices processed to ensure evidence is properly managed and protected.
Evidence Integrity
Built on the proven UFED platform, InField enables the real-time, forensically sound extraction of mobile device data and produces defensible evidence investigative stakeholders can stand behind.

“Designed to work on our form factors or an agency’s existing laptops, UFED Infield delivers new and improved digital forensics workflows and the actionable intelligence necessary to quickly and effectively focus investigative efforts, reduce case backlogs and significantly shorten case cycle times,” said Ron Serber, Cellebrite Global Co-CEO.