CEOs are deleting their social media accounts to protect against cyber attacks- Comments

Professional services firm PwC surveyed over 1,600 CEOs from around the world and found that cyber attacks have become the most feared threat for large organisations – and that many have taken actions around their personal use of technology to help protect against hackers.

A total of 80 per cent of those surveyed listed cyber threats as the biggest threat to their business, making it the thing that most CEOs are worried about, ranking ahead of skills (79 per cent) and the speed of technological change. (75 per cent)

48 per cent CEOs surveyed said the risk of cyber attacks had caused them to alter their own personal digital behaviour, such as deleting social media accounts or virtual assistant applications or requesting a company to delete their data.

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Saryu Nayyar, CEO of Gurucul comments:

“The fact that CEOs are becoming more aware of the danger of cyberattacks is encouraging. With the staggering costs that data breaches have incurred – lost money, lost reputation, lost jobs – cybersecurity is now a big enough issue to be elevated to the c-suite and the boardroom. It can no longer be ignored or relegated to second tier status or dropped into the laps of low level employees. Defining and implementing an effective cybersecurity program starts at the very top. The CEOs who recognise this will be rewarded by staying out of the data breach headlines.”