China’s Quantum Communication satellite to Thwart Hackers

China is launching the first quantum communication satellite in space in an effort to securely send and receive data to cut hackers out of the mix.

Commenting on this Dwayne Melancon, CTO of Tripwire told @DFMag:

“This is an interesting concept, but I think it is more of a novelty than a practical solution to the eavesdropping problem. There is a high likelihood that this satellite link will ultimately be connected to a terrestrial network, in which case the game is over. They may be able to keep it “air gapped” for a period of time to prevent cross-contamination of networks, but I think the limited utility of such an isolated network will ultimately cause China to make decisions that will result in a less secure communication link. 

Furthermore, this network still incorporates the ultimate weakness of any system: humans will use this secure network. That means attackers will likely get what they want by taking advantage of human factors if they find the technological factors too difficult to overcome.”