Counter-Fraud Standards and Profession

Protecting public services and fighting economic crime.

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About the Government Counter Fraud Profession

The GCFP is a structure for counter fraud specialists working in central government. It aims to bring the counter fraud community together under a common set of standards and develop that community as they protect public services and fight economic crime. As part of this new and active community, members will not only gain recognition and credibility for their specialist skill set, but also have access to the standards, guidance and products to help members develop their own career – not just with a focus on investigation, but now with a move towards new areas of risk assessment, prevention and the use of data analytics.

By helping organisations across the public sector see what skills, knowledge and experience is needed to effectively prevent and tackle fraud, the GCFP puts the HM Government in a much stronger position to deal with the challenges presented by fraud, bribery and corruption; and enhances the UK’s reputation as a global leader in this field.

What does the GCFP do?

The GCFP is transforming the public sector counter fraud activity, making the UK public sector better at identifying, preventing and recovering losses from fraud and other economic crime. Its impact will reach across the public sector, benefiting individuals and the organisations they work for.

Across the Civil Service

Raises the profile of counter fraud activity and the complex, evolving skill sets required to do it.

Across all central government organisations

Sets consistent counter fraud standards across the government.

For each organisation

Provides the transparency needed to identify skilled staff and tackle fraud effectively.

For individuals

Empowers a new community of counter fraud specialists; giving them recognition and credibility.

What do I do now?

If you work in counter fraud, this is your Profession. We don’t want you to sit there in silence, get involved.

If you’re already or soon to be a member, find out how you can get involved in developing the community, through its events, tools and communications.

If there is no current route into the Profession for your discipline, get in touch, and help to develop one. We want you to shape this Profession.

I’m a civil servant, but I don’t work in counter fraud

Take another look at the counter fraud training for all staff, and for managers, available on Civil Service Learning.

If you’re thinking about developing a career in counter fraud

If you want to register your interest in the GCFP, you will be able to complete a registration form (see useful information) and submit it to our inbox (see contact details). This is currently under development and will be available soon.