Cyber attack on Lithuanian Parliament – expert comment

During a gathering of World Congress of Crimean Tatars, and an international conference on Mass Violations of Human Rights in Occupied Crimea on Monday April 11, the Lithuanian parliament (Seimas) website suffered a cyber attack. Cerniauskas also confirmed that the so-called DDoS attack had been carried out from at least 10,000 computers from each continent.

Aftab Afzal, SVP & GM EMEA at NSFOCUS IB offered @DFMag the following expert comment;

“We often see and hear of similar types of DDoS attacks targeting major political events that have an online element which, in today’s terms, mean most major events. Online political events and parliamentary services are subjected to prolonged and multi vector cyber attacks. Waiting for an event before implementing protection is a high risk strategy, as anything deployed in a hurry will invariably have limited results and, more often than not, will have a wider impact. Service denigration is common without correct scoping, provisioning, learning and configuration. We always advise our clients and partners to explore and build protection services in plenty of time to ensure they can withstand even the most complex attacks without service impact.”