Domino’s Pizza warns customers to change their passwords

Pizza Delivery firm emails its customers urging to create new passwords for My Domino’s accounts to prevent hacker attacks. Following the news, below are comments from Lee Munson, security researcher at

“Domino’s pizza has taken the unusual step of advising its customers to change their passwords, despite not being breached in any way.

“This unlikely scenario has probably arisen in response to recent high profile breaches, such as the one at Yahoo, which has likely seen a billion sets of usernames and passwords released into the wild.

“Given how likely it is that Yahoo users have reused those credentials across a number of accounts, this move by Domino’s is a good one, though users should still be proactive about ensuring they use a unique password for every account they have elsewhere on the web (pro tip: use a password manager to make this task much simpler).

“Concerned internet users can check whether their email addresses have been compromised by checking them on sites such as HaveIBeenPwned which will indicate any breaches they are associated with.”