Expert Insight: DDoS Attack on the San Jose PD Website and IT Assets

In response to the news that a DDoS attack has been launched against the San Jose PD and their IT assets (see full story here:, Dave Larson, chief operating officer at Corero Network Security,offered the following brief insight to @DFMag regarding the motives and tactics behind DDoS attacks:

“Motivation for DDoS attacks can be wide ranging. Regardless of the motivations, this DDoS attack event highlights the need for a proactive defence woven into enterprise IT infrastructure, upstream hosting and internet service provider networks, in order to protect our growing dependence on online business and activity.

“Further, DDoS attacks are often used as a distraction technique for ulterior motives. They’re not always intended for denying service, but rather as a means of obfuscation, intended to degrade security defenses, overwhelm logging tools and distract IT teams while various forms of malware sneak by.”