Expert insight LANDesk data breach

In response to the breaking news that LANDesk, systems management provider, suffered a data breach (more information here:, @DFMag received the following insight from Thomas Capola, CEO of Sestus:

“How the LANDesk breach occurred is less important than having the proper tools to stop an unauthorized breach.  It is essential to secure customer data in every application it resides in from the inside out as well as from all the known access entry points.  It’s increasingly difficult for IT professionals to secure every applications entry point in real time. 

“Vendor access portals have become the launch point for unauthorized access and hackers are increasingly leveraging employee and contractor access credentials to cause harm.

“Using Multi Factor Authentication eliminates the need for IT managers and security professionals to identity or even know about every possible application access point,  it can help provide complete protection against unauthorized access at every point and notify managers of every access attempt.  The result is that only authorized, credentialed, legitimate users are able to access applications and the data they contain.”