Extortionists Target Bitcoin News Sites

News broke yesterday of extortionists attacking Bitcoin news sites using DDoS and demanding a ransom before sites could be brought back online. The sites have responded by issuing a bounty for information leading to the identification of the culprits – see the full story here: http://www.corero.com/blog/677-corero-observes-surge-in-ransom-driven-ddos-attacks.html.

@DFMag received this insight from Dave Larson, CTO and VP Product for Corero on the uptick in Ransom related DDoS activity. “The collateral damage associated with successful DDoS attacks can be exponential. When service providers lack proper protection mechanisms to defeat attacks in real-time, the costs associated with the outages are wide ranging and the impact to downstream or co-located customers can be devastating.”  Dave adds, “Further fueling this epidemic is the payout on these ransom related threats. DDoS attack tools are easy to come by and perhaps even easier to use. This is an easy and anonymous recipe for anyone looking to make a quick buck, and the victims are proving this every day.  Properly prepared organizations can stem this tide by refusing the ransom requests, secure in the knowledge that they are protected and can withstand the storm.”