FBI warns of car hacking: expert comment

In light of the news that the FBI has issued a warning about car hacking, Cesare Garlati, chief security strategist for the prpl Foundation has commented:

“Perhaps it goes without saying that the most dangerous part of the connected car is the “connected” part.  Criminals, using a little lateral thinking, can use one part of the car’s anatomy to get to another.  This could have dangerous consequences if hackers found their way into more critical functions, such as the steering and brakes as researchers were able to do with a Jeep back in 2014.

“The lack of subject matter expertise with mechanical and electrical engineers is leaving systems wide open to attack.  While it’s unfair to expect them to shoulder this burden, it is also unfair to place the onus squarely on the consumer who is likely to know even less about security.  This is something which vendors, regulators and manufacturers must carefully consider as the evolution of connected cars continues.”