FinTech’s Worldcore introduces new payment options and enhanced security via its face recognition and voice biometrics authentication systems

Worldcore introduces an option to load any Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay credit or debit card around the world and is finalizing the integration of mobile phone top-up solution in over 100 countries across the globe.
The Worldcore platform provides multi-currency payment account, an alternative to traditional bank accounts, and payments sent and received via SEPA and SWIFT; the account has no monthly maintenance fee, and there is no limit on funds that can be passed through or held in the account. There is also a 0% timeless fee for internal transfers.
Worldcore is also developing an invoice management system for corporate clients where companies will be able to create and send invoices to their clients’ mobile phones or e-mail addresses and get paid via various options supported by Worldcore – bank transfers, credit/debit card payments, sofort, iDeal and many others. Recurring invoicing with complete automation will be available as well.
Moreover, Worldcore’s iOS app will be released in October. It will have Voice Biometrics Authentication option and will become the world’s first mobile app in the FinTech industry that can be controlled via Siri for making all types of payments supported by Worldcore.
Worldcore pays much attention to security and their Face Recognition System for secure account access and payment confirmation will be available before the end of 2016.
Most notably, Worldcore is the very first – and currently only – EU-based and regulated payment system with integrated voice biometrics authentication via its ‘VoiceKey’. There is huge demand for integration, as key to flexibility, in today’s market, and Worldcore bringing biometrics into the mix for payment systems means that the company can boast unrivaled security measures; all outgoing payments require a two-level authorisation process, supplemented by the VoiceKey biometric authentication. You can discover more about VoiceKey by watching this video:
“Worldcore itself and scope of its activities grow rapidly and currently our team is in the process of setting up a group of companies to cover more FinTech areas authorized by European regulations and to enter equity crowdfunding and P2P lending markets in 2017”, said Alex Nasonov, CEO of Worldcore.
Within the world of FinTech, Worldcore certainly proves an interesting case study, as it continues to innovate and shape the market in intuitive and beneficial ways.