Forensic Science Experts Set to Gather in Abu Dhabi this November for Two New Forensic and DNA Conferences

Abu Dhabi will be playing host to a brand new set of forensic and DNA Conferences in November, both fully supported by Abu Dhabi Police; The GCC Forensic Science Conference 2017 and The GCC DNA Symposium 2017, supported by INTERPOL.

Both Conferences will be held from 14-15 November with a day of workshops on 16 November at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi. The expected attendance of the Conference is over 350 regional and international delegates, speakers and sponsors.

The GCC Forensic Science Conference will focus on the latest innovations and challenges facing the forensic science community, from crime scene to court room. The GCC DNA Symposium will bring together law enforcement, forensic medical examiners, legal experts, policy makers and experts in human identification to discuss the applications of DNA in criminal investigations.

These ground-breaking events are the only forum in the region dedicated to the entire forensic sector and supply chain to source innovative forensic products, equipment and services, as well as providing the definitive source of education, best practice, training and networking throughout the Middle East region. Around 50 exhibitors are expected to take part, displaying products and services to the forensic community, from laboratory equipment, digital forensics, CSI equipment and forensic analytics services.

The Conferences will cover a range of specialisms within forensic science such as crime scene investigation, biometrics, legal applications of forensic science, databasing, investigation bias and errors, digital forensics, cybersecurity and several other key areas. Speakers include globally renowned experts that have been individually selected by a scientific committee put together by Abu Dhabi Police especially for the event. As a result, presentations will focus on the main themes of interest to forensic practitioners with a special emphasis on the future of the sector and areas for greater regional cooperation in order to achieve national objectives for a safe society.

Speaking of the importance of the GCC Forensic Science Conference, Brigadier General Abdul Rahman Mohd. Al Hammadi, Forensic Evidence Department Director, Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, commented: “This high level Conference will bring together forensic experts from the GCC, Middle East and International community. The event will also act as a platform for technology companies to showcase their products & services through the exhibition and is also a chance for Abu Dhabi Police to meet current and potential suppliers to discuss requirements and future projects.”

In addition to the main Conferences, there will several side line meetings taking place for senior members of forensic community. The INTERPOL DNA Monitoring Expert Group will congregate to discuss important topics for their members alongside the GCC DNA Symposium. Other regional leaders will also meet to discuss channels of collaborations that could enhance processes and increase the success of investigations.

The outcomes of the Conference are intended to develop into longstanding, implementable strategies and aim to establish Abu Dhabi as a hub for innovation and leadership within the forensic science sector in the region.

At the launch of the GCC DNA Symposium Colonel Maryam Ahmed Al Qahtani, Expert and Chief of the Forensic Biology and DNA Section at Abu Dhabi Police Forensic Evidence Department said: “The United Arab Emirates is the Middle East member in the INTERPOL DNA Monitoring Expert Group Meetings. As such, we are proud to host a symposium that will bring together regional and international forensic biology experts in order to exchange better practices and highlight landmark cases that are developing new standards in the field. In addition to full support from INTERPOL, the event will also act as an opportunity for Abu Dhabi Police to meet providers of DNA and human identification equipment that will greatly benefit the Forensic Evidence Department.”

Both conferences are accepting abstracts from potential speakers and registrations from delegates now at and