Google wants to collect personal medical details 

Commenting on the news that Google want to collect your medical details (, Lee Munson, security researcher for said:

“In an age when personal information has become the new currency, many people have begun to take their online privacy seriously, checking web terms of service, opting out of intrusions they don’t like, viewing app permissions and so on. 

“But that may not be enough. 

“Judging by the way in which Google’s DeepMind has found its way into a project that grants it access to millions of patient’s eye scans, an awareness of the commonly unknown may also be required. 

“For those oblivious to the fact that the NHS is sharing patient data with 1,500 third parties, and the fact that the only opt-out is through an email to the trust’s data protection officer, DeepMind, et al, may appear to be overstepping the mark, even though there is nothing illegal or untoward about the way in which it is gathering information. 

“The moral of this story, then, is to question everything now and even more so in a future that is likely to see ever more data-sharing between the health service and private companies.”