Hackers Can Silenty Control Siri From 16 Feet Away

A pair of French researchers at ANSSI, a French government agency devoted to information security, have discovered the voice command on  iPhones and Android smartphones helpfully obeys the orders of any hacker who talks to them—even, in some cases, one who’s silently transmitting those commands via radio from as far as 16 feet away.


Gavin Reid, VP of Threat Intelligence at Lancope stated;

“Additional functionality, especially concerning user convenience, has often come at the cost of some security. In this case the hack needs proximity to work and is a proof of concept needing specialised hardware. High security government equipment and installations have often come with additional shielding specifically to limit emanations and any covert channels. This attack is less likely to be leveraged by the criminal underground especially with other methods much easier to implement”.

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