Healthcare industry responsible for more data breaches in the past 10 years than any other industry sector

It’s been reported that the healthcare industry has been the biggest offender in the last decade when it comes to data breaches. Missing devices and untrustworthy insiders made the healthcare industry responsible for more reported data breaches than any other sector in the last ten years. Of this issue Ryan Wilk, director at NuData Security said;

“The industry simply isn’t doing enough to protect patient, client, agent, and other user data – from PII, to PHI, even PCI – from known, much less emerging, security threats. The industry must seek out future-proof solutions that will counter these quickly-morphing fraudsters and hackers, as they discover new methods to make money. The healthcare industry is becoming a much riper target because of the ability to buy and sell large batches of personal data for profit, and medical facilities often don’t have systems in place to predict and prevent unusual activity. Predictive measures, such as behavioural analytics (looking at hundreds of intricate details about how a user acts), works to protect the range of online risks facing healthcare such as account takeover, fraudulent account registration, and more.”

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