How To Choose The Appropriate Security Systems For Your Business

Whether you are dealing with a sole proprietorship or a large-scale corporation, it is always important to secure your business assets. A security breach could not only cause the loss of critical information, but it can also damage your reputation. This is especially true if you share information with other organizations.

Unfortunately, security incidents have increased significantly over the last couple of decades, affecting over 70 percent of organizations in the U.S alone. This has subsequently led to an upsurge in the demand for effective security systems in the business world. The problem: there are gazillions of security systems in the market today that pinning down to a single one is a dilemma in itself. This brings us to our topic today: how to choose the appropriate security systems for your business.

Types of Business Security Systems To Consider

There are five main types of security systems which businesses should consider installing in their company building in order to secure not only the building, but the staff and customers too.


Fire Alarm Systems

Any business needs a system for detecting smoke and alerting occupants of a possible problem which involves fire and smoke. Fire alarm systems can go a long way towards preventing losses resulting from a fire outbreak in the premises which could harm staff, as well as customers.


CCTV Systems

CCTV systems allow you to monitor your business from both the outside and inside, as well as keep track of your customers and employees. If customers and employees are aware they they are being recorded on CCTV footage at all times, it could prevent them from being part of a deviant or criminal act.

Most importantly, cameras can help discourage criminals from entering the business premises or capture enough footage to prosecute intruders, giving anyone in the building a sense of protection when working.


Wireless Sensors

Your clients, staff, and customers are an important part of your organization too. One way you can keep them protected is by installing wireless sensors that can detect toxic gases like carbon monoxide.


Access Control Systems

The twenty first century has seen a significant development in technology in terms of security systems. One such advancement is access control systems, which help you to manage the access to and from your business. This in turn ensures the safety of both your assets and employees.


Remote Monitoring

Another brilliance of modern security technology is the ability to monitor your business remotely. Remote monitoring involves connecting security systems to intelligent alarm keypads that give you instant feedbacks when something happens at your business. A 24/7 monitoring station will even keep an eye on your business when you can’t.


Factors to consider when choosing a business security system


Who will monitor the cameras?

You have three options, depending on the nature of your company. The first option is to incorporate a security surveillance monitoring center in the premises. Factors that come into play here include the training and hiring of security personnel, additional installation expenses, and labor.

The second option is to hire a reputable business security company to monitor your establishment. The third option is to find a software solution that will give you access to your facility from any internet-enabled device. In any case, adding access controls that bar employees from accessing certain areas of your facility can go a long way towards enforcing the company’s security systems.


The Location

Surveillance cameras are only as effective as their positioning. Finding the right spots to install your CCTV systems can ensure optimal security both inside and outside the establishment. Even the most advanced camera setup can end being completely useless due to mistakes in positioning.

For this reason, it is advisable to enlist the help of a professional surveillance system firm during the installation and implementation process.


The Cost

It can be tempting to go for the most sophisticated security system in the market, but you still want to stick within your budget or it may end up ruining you financially. Consider whether you just want an alarm system that sounds off to scare intruders away, or need the alarm to transmit a signal to a monitoring system that will then alert you and local authorities in case of a break in. The latter comes with a monthly fee, but is still more effective.


Bottom Line

Finding the most appropriate security system for your business requires planning and critical evaluation. After a comprehensive security check, your quote should cover everything your business needs, including monitoring costs, servicing, installation, insurance, and key holding. Upon installation, have your supplier test the sensors thoroughly and train the authorized staff on how to use the security system.