How To Hide Your House From Google Maps [Infographic]

There is something about seeing their house posted on the Internet that gives some people a sense of belonging. For a lot of people, they feel that they somehow belong to an exclusive Internet club when they see their neighborhood and their home on Google Maps. Even though almost everyone is already there, being online means they aren’t outside the grid. And that is a comforting thought.

For others, though, that’s a nightmare. Being online for the world to see can be intrusive to our privacy. It’s one thing to join online discussions and share your pictures on social media; it’s another to broadcast to everyone where you live. People with evil intent could see that as an invitation to barge in your home unexpected.

But with Google Maps adding more and more places and regions to cover, it’s nearly impossible not to be featured online. Your house and the whole of your neighborhood and city are likely already found there.

You can’t have your house’s images deleted from Google Maps, but you can have it hidden. If you want to learn how to do it, check out this amazing infographic presented by MikesGearReviews.