Huawei Warns Everyone Is Accountable For Cyber Security

Speaking to ed::events earlier this month on the future of cyber security Huawei Technologies’ Cyber Security Officer & Advisor to the CEO, Jaap Meijer said: “understand that everyone is, and has to be, accountable within the risk ecosystem to help the overall global requirements better align”.

Coinciding with the WannaCry cyber attack, Meijer admits that the perfect security can’t be kept, but managing risk consistent with the organisation’s risk posture and business objectives is what needs to be done in the future. “We have to assume that our security will be breached and we have to make sure that we are ready to respond, recover, provide maximum resilience and have backups in place where needed to secure continued business operation” – he explains.

Meijer – who works for a tech giant – isn’t alone in acknowledging the importance of managing cyber risks, especially when dealing with third parties and suppliers. Nokia’s Supply Chain Information Security Program Lead, Santtu Erkkilä says that a growing number of suppliers make it incredibly hard to know “where your valuable data is and whether it is sufficiently protected”.

Huawei Technologies’ Meijer alongside Nokia’s Erkkilä will provide further insights and share corporate best practice in managing cyber threats when working with third parties at the Third Party and Supply Chain Cyber Security Summit on 29-30 June in Amsterdam. They will be joined by Chief Security and Information Technology Officers from GE, Philips Lighting, Aspen, Geodis Freight Forwarding and more.

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