ISS World hack leaves thousands of employees offline- Comment

It has been reported that a cyber-attack has hit the major facilities company, ISS World, which has half a million employees worldwide. Its websites have been down since 17 February, and This Week in Facilities Management said 43,000 staff at London’s Canary Wharf and its Weybridge HQ, in Surrey, still had no email.

Commenting on this, Sam Curry, chief security officer at Cybereason, said “In the case of the ISS World ransomware attack, and all ransomware attacks for that matter, corporations can either become a hero or a villain. In the adrenaline rush of “crisis mode,” I hope the executives and security staff of ISS World choose to be heroes by protecting employees, being transparent and erring on the side of doing the right thing. We all hope for minimum damage, rapid recovery and strengthening of ISS World in the wake of this and of peers from their experience when the dust clears. In any cyber attack, transparency and clarity is what matters and like so many others we’ll wait to hear more in the coming days. Recently, Travelex suffered a significant breach and leadership was widely criticized for a slow response. That criticism was coming from pundits without specific knowledge of the incident. Let’s not “bayonet the wounded” because being a target and a victim is happening more and more frequently. Organizations today need to take a much more proactive approach to cyber hygiene by actively hunting for anomalies in their networks. Preventing, detecting and responding to incidents has to highest on the list of steps being taken to minimize and reduce high impact breaches.”