Kickass Torrents hit with DDoS attack

Kickass Torrents, the Internet’s biggest torrent portal has suffered intermittent downtime over the last few days after an unknown attacker has pummelled the site with a DDoS attack.

Dave Larson, Chief Operating Officer at Corero Network Security told @DFMag;

“This attack is a perfect example of the vulnerability of Domain Name Services when targeted with precision DDoS attacks.  DNS servers are central to the operation of the Internet at large and in many cases there is nothing standing between them and the raw Internet.  Organizations need to ensure that their own operated DNS servers, as well as the services they contract for with third party providers, are defended by always-on, in-line, automatic DDoS defense systems that can meet this challenge with a real-time response.  Otherwise, these systems represent an easy target to enable attackers to achieve significant outages with focused attacks.”