Multiple Irish government websites downed under DDoS attack

A number of Irish government-related and public sector websites were knocked offline by an apparent DDoS attack, Stephanie Weagle, Senior Director of Corero Network Security, a company that specialises in mitigating DDoS attacks told @DFMag:

“The Irish Government Infrastructure appears to be the target of cyber attack activity, specifically Malicious DDoS events, impacting a variety of public sector website properties, rendering then inaccessible.

“Motivations for DDoS attacks are so wide ranging and sometimes random in nature. Regardless of the stimulus, the impact can be wide quite damaging. Traditional security solutions are no match for most DDoS attack vectors. Proactive and automatic DDoS protection should be a required layer of security for an enterprise infrastructure.

“In addition, DDoS are increasingly being used as a smokescreen to hide even more malicious activity on the network. This should be a concern for the teams dealing with the attacks against the Irish Government network infrastructure.”