Netflix kills password masking in tests

Following the news that Netflix is testing a new feature that may cause your browser to spill your passwords, please see below for a comment from Lee Munson, security researcher at

“Netflix, flying in the face of a popular opinion that suggests you should only tweak things to solve problems or make improvements, has dropped a bit of a clanger with its new feature that appears to boast ‘plain text passwords’ as its selling point.

“While I have every sympathy with people who have trouble using a keyboard, directly reducing the security of the service and, potentially, displaying login credentials which may have (carelessly) been used across a range of other sites, is a crazy idea from a company which seems to be increasingly out of sync with what its customers want and need.

“Netflix users with a cookie-deleting browser may, unfortunately, now need to disable that feature, while those who store their login credentials in their browser may be well advised to consider the pros and cons of a password manager instead.”