New Technology reveals Mobile Phone’s hidden history

Mobile phones hold a phenomenal amount of important forensic information that can often be vital to an investigation. Until now, much of this evidence has been unobtainable to the forensic investigator.

CCL-Forensics, based in Warwickshire, have developed a new toolkit that will not only reveal a mobile phones hidden cache, and thus the browser history, but also analyses and interprets the information.

Andrew Krauze, MD of CCL-Forensics Ltd, spoke exclusively to Digital Forensics Magazine, stating that,

“It is vital that the digital forensics industry keeps pace with the phenomenal technical advancements in the mobile phone industry.  This technique is one of the many developments we are investing in, as the world of mobile phone forensics becomes much more demanding.  People are not just using phones to call and text – so we work with investigators to look beyond that.”

Krauze further emphasised the importance of his companies’ new tool by saying,

“As the industry heads towards a much more regulated environment, it is crucial that investigators have maximum confidence in their suppliers that they can extract more data from more devices in the shortest possible time.  This means costs are kept to a minimum and detection rates are as high as possible.”

While many similar tools already exist to extract these files, none of them make the information available to the investigator. CCL’s new Mobile Web Cache Toolkit (MWCT) allows their in-house investigators to extract vital information about the usage of the phone and enhances the basic information already obtained.

David Lattimore, Total Quality Manager of CCL explained how,

Sometimes the evidence you need is right under your nose.  This technique takes data, which is likely to be extracted using forensic tools and presents it in an easily viewable form.  Without the technique, the investigators could be missing out on data, despite the fact that they’ve already extracted it from the device.”

The MWCT looks to revolutionise the analysis of Mobile Phones and has the potential to be extremely beneficial to digital investigations.



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