Nissan Leaf electric cars vulnerable to hacking

The BBC has reported that “some of Nissan’s Leaf cars can be easily hacked, allowing their heating and air-conditioning systems to be hijacked”, according to a prominent security researcher Troy Hunt. It was also reported that a flaw with the electric vehicle’s companion app also meant data about drivers’ recent journeys could be spied on.

Paul Fletcher, Cyber Security Evangelist at Alert Logic told @DFMag;

“The Nissan Leaf vulnerability is an issue that needs to be fixed by the manufacturer and while this vulnerability doesn’t have the same impact as the Jeep vulnerabilities documented last year, it’s an entry point into the controls of a vehicle and the potential for a more severe hack is now present.  Nissan has an opportunity to embrace this discovery and enhance the security controls of it’s product.  Nissan would be smart to launch a “bounty” program, if for no other reason but to market their willingness to put their security controls to the test and build the confidence of their customers and the industry.  Only time will tell how serious Nissan takes this threat to it’s vehicles and customers.”