Nuix empowers Guernsey law enforcement crackdown on financial crimes

The Bailiwick of Guernsey has become a key transit point for global financial transactions. Effectively policing the financial services industry requires broad visibility into and rapid analysis of massive volumes of digital evidence including emails, databases and files. As the volume of data involved in fraud cases became too complex for conventional tools, Guernsey Police and the Guernsey Border Agency turned to Nuix Investigator Lab to keep up. After collaborating with Nuix, the law enforcement agencies could:

  • Combine multiple evidence sources for correlation, analysis
    and collaborative investigation.
  • Identify hidden relationships across data sets with
    intelligence extraction capabilities.
  • Enable investigators and external subject matter experts to
    analyse, review and collaborate on digital evidence.
  • Receive strong support from Nuix to expand their forensic
    capabilities in response to the changing needs of live investigations.