Nuix Sensitive Data Finder 2.2 Streamlines Risk Management, Data Breach Mitigation, and Compliance With Tightening Regulations

Global technology company Nuix has released Nuix Sensitive Data Finder 2.2, an upgrade that further improves the product’s performance and adds visualizations and other analysis features to streamline common tasks and identify high-risk information sooner.

“Complying with regulations around data privacy, personal information, and data breach notification is practically impossible unless you have comprehensive insights into what data you have, where it is, who has access to it, and what obligations you have toward managing it,” said Julie Colgan, Vice President, Information Governance Solutions at Nuix. “Unauthorized and poorly protected copies of sensitive data are a serious business risk and easy pickings for cybercriminals and malicious insiders.

“With this latest release, Nuix Sensitive Data Finder has become an even more powerful tool to help corporate risk and security managers mitigate these risks by achieving Information Transparency™ across the contents of email systems, file shares, archives, databases, and other enterprise storage systems.”

New features in Nuix Sensitive Data Finder 2.2 include:

•             Faster, more secure data management. Nuix Sensitive Data Finder now stores collected text in encrypted text files rather than database table entries. This improves database performance and scalability, and avoids creating a new source of business risk.

•             Powerful visualizations. Customers can quickly identify items and areas of greatest concern using visualizations that arrange search results by names of people and other extracted entities, timelines, statistics, relationships, access permissions, and other relevant criteria.

•             Query builder. Customers can create complex search queries using a simple interface and then save and reuse those queries across time, data sets, and repositories.

•             Profiles and scripts. Nuix Sensitive Data Finder comes with metadata profiles, filter criteria presets, entity definitions, and risk profiles to simplify or automate common searches. Customers can write scripts to apply risk ranking to responsive items.

“Nuix Sensitive Data Finder extracts data and searches the results with the precision and integrity the Nuix Engine is known for,” said Colgan. “Unlike the traditional approach to locating particular kinds of information, which requires building and storing a complete index of all the data under investigation, Nuix Sensitive Data Finder scans the data in memory and, if desired, only captures and stores the responsive bits.

“Customers asked for improvements to performance, the back-end architecture, and licensing, and we delivered. It has never been easier to improve regulatory compliance, manage risks, and protect information assets against cybersecurity breaches, insider abuse, and inadvertent data loss.”