OPSWAT Releases First Report on Market Share of Anti-Malware Vendors

OPSWAT today announced that their quarterly market share reports will now look at anti-malware market share as opposed to the antivirus market share that has been covered in past reports. These changes are in response to the changes in the marketplace (which OPSWAT’s technology has already shifted to recognise). Over time, the threat landscape has changed and the anti-malware community has responded with new products that detect a wider range of threats including PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), spyware, keyloggers and botnets.

The top three anti-malware vendors in our August 2015 data are Avast, Microsoft and Malwarebytes. 

Adam Winn, Senior Product Manager for Gears at OPSWAT, commented on the first-time inclusion of anti-malware vendors stating, “Re-focusing this section of our reports on only those products and vendors that classify as anti-malware versus antivirus, allows us to more accurately represent the current marketplace and showcase the improved detection capabilities of our technology. This change will also allow us to represent new vendors, such as Spybot, that may not have shown up in our data in the past.”

This report includes new market share data for the top three anti-malware vendors, detailed comparisons of encryption usage for Windows and Mac devices and analysis for threats detected on Windows devices.

The report also covers the security practices of Mac and Windows devices in regards to their use of disk encryption. Surprisingly, Windows devices lag behind in their use of encryption when compared to Macs. The report also highlights threat statistics for these same Windows devices, showing the percentage of devices with repeatedly detected threats from their installed anti-malware as well as the percentage of devices with threats detected by Metascan® Online, our could-based multi anti-malware scanner that performs daily malware scan in Gears.

For more details on the collection of this data and a complete breakdown of threat data, report changes and Windows and Mac device comparisons, please view the full report.

The data in this report was collected from free accounts of OPSWAT Gears, an enterprise device security and compliance tool that enables organisations to directly assess and manage the endpoint security posture of their devices through a unified view of mobile and PC endpoints, and their applications/security issues. Administrators can to take rapid action to remediate issues on non-compliant devices and improve endpoint security. Gears is completely free for up to 25 devices. To try the free Gears tool, please visit opswatgears.com/download.