Petya Ransomware Using Disk Level Encryption

The latest ransomware is using disk level encryption infecting master files that can only be un-encrypted if payment is made. The new ransomware is called Petya and victims are being targeted through phishing emails.

Travis Smith, Senior Security Research Engineer at Tripwire commented,

“By encrypting the entire disk, it increases the cost to legitimately recover files without paying the ransom.  Consumers may not have the technical capability to re-install their operating system and other applications accumulated over the life of the PC.  For businesses, the increased costs means criminals can charge a higher ransom knowing their targets will have to also spend more on an alternative solution. 

End users must stay vigilant in the fight against ransomware.  Don’t click on links or open attachments which are unsolicited.  Backups should be kept up to date and offline to reduce the likelihood of having to pay to recover critical data.”