Project VIC Announces Partnership with to Fight Domestic and International Child Exploitation

Project VIC, a coalition of law enforcement and private sector partners that champions a transformation in the approach to child exploitation investigations, announced that it is partnering with to launch VIClabs™.

Created by members of the Interpol Technical Working Group, is a community of developers in law enforcement working to track child sexual exploitation materials online.

Combining the efforts of Project VIC and ForceForge through VIClabs will expand the reach of an international network of investigators, developers, non-profit organizations and private sector partners who have come together to combat child exploitation on a global scale.

“Forming a partnership between ForceForge and Project VIC is a natural relationship,” said Arnold Guerin, RCMP representative and Chair to the Technical Working Group.   “Creating an innovation lab to incubate collaborative solutions will lead to positive outcomes for children worldwide, as well as improved processes for law enforcement.”

Peter Pilley Co-Founder of Forceforge, commented that “Project VIC has made outstanding strides in working with the world’s leading providers of computer forensics software, while ForceForge has aligned top law enforcement developers in creating solutions such as machine learning, an international whitelist of hashes, and big data analysis to combat CSEM offenses.”

“Technology is moving fast, and ForceForge and the Interpol DevOps group have a track record of innovation and collaboration that is unique,” said Richard W. Brown, Director of Project VIC. “We will use our designated workspaces to incubate programs, create hack-a-thons, and review solutions. Ultimately, this will help us to deconflict on initiatives internationally and avoid duplication. ForceForge, DevOps and Project Vic are a community of highly-skilled members working together to quickly respond to new threats facing law enforcement. By combining our expertise and launching VIClabs, we can ensure that investigators worldwide—including in developing countries—will have access to the tools needed to combat child sexual exploitation.”