Reluctant Apple joins FIDO

Recently, it has been revealed that Apple, which has been one of the tech companies that appeared more resistant to the FIDO Alliance, has joined the biometrics and authentication standards body. FIDO was founded by companies including Google, Yubico and Microsoft and was later joined by multiple chipmakers, financial institutions and other tech companies.  Apple hasn’t actually announced that it joined the FIDO Alliance, but it has been listed as one of the 40 or so “board level members” on FIDO’s website.
Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Specialist at ESET:
“Strengthening the security of an account, whilst making it more convenient for the user, is a step in the right direction. As the private key is stored locally on the device, even if the website has suffered a data breach, the hackers would have no passwords to steal, minimising the risk of exposure online. People tend to struggle with the concept of cyber security so rendering it compulsory for them in a convenient way is the best way to add an extra layer of protection.”