Senate hearing on BOT legislation to stop ticket-scalping bots

The Senate is slated to take up The Better Online Ticket Sales Legislation today in an effort to ‘prohibit the circumvention of control measures used by Internet ticket sellers to ensure equitable consumer access to tickets for any given event or for other purposes.

For the past year, New York has also started a battle with ticket-scalping bots. New York’s Attorney General has been vocal about banning ticket bots and issued a full report entitled, Obstructed View: What’s Blocking New Yorkers from Getting Tickets. Ticket bots are grabbing hundreds of thousands of tickets in an instant. Bots known as spinners can account for almost 90% of traffic to ticket websites and have been used to buy more than 60 percent of the most desirable tickets for some shows, according to Ticketmaster.
Omri Iluz, CEO of PerimeterX fully supports legislative efforts to stop the automated use of bots to scalp tickets, services and merchandise, in an effort to deprive consumers from purchasing such things at a fair price. “This legislation is one way to ensure that Internet eCommerce would be safeguarded from cyber raiders. Strong legislative deterrents combined with pro-active security technology should be used to ensure the rights of consumers to purchase tickets to any show, event or for other purposes for a fair price. It would also clear the way for online ecommerce websites to interact with true customers.”