Space Data Centres set to offer public sector more security

A Nottingham data centre can now offer public sector organisations even more security after becoming an approved G Cloud supplier.

Space Data Centres will be able to provide services such as secure colocation to the public sector, by providing infrastructure that enables software developers to supply software that underpins the UK government and our economy and protects them from malicious cyberattacks from the likes of Ransomware.

The G Cloud is a purchasing framework that allows UK public sector organisations to select and purchase Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and specialist Cloud services from approved suppliers.

Andy Gilbert, head of business development at Space Data Centres, said:

“Acceptance is governed by a strident application process so this is quite an achievement for Space, most suppliers can just tick a box to say their service meets the requirement (Service provider assurance).

“As we are a service provider, compliance is much harder to attain due to the nature of the information and services required by the public sector.

Government data is one of the most valuable information assets on the planet and as such must be protected from unauthorised access and use, says Andy.

He added:

“Data may contain information deemed beyond top secret, data that in the wrong hands could have devastating effects on the population and security of the nation.

“A regular business customer would probably be the only person or organisation affected by a loss of information or a breach to their system. Space can now provide the same level of security, protection and care given to public sector clients to our existing and future business customers. There is no distinction in protection level, only in content.”

Building on the policy and procedure created by Space during the development, implementation and successful operational audit of their UKAS ISO27001 Information Security Management certification, Space Data Centres can now supply Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to government and the public sector.

Andy said:

“We were able to demonstrate sufficient physical and virtual security to satisfy the relevant audits. Which, in turn allows Space DataCentres to provide this same level of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information to business of all sizes across the region.

“Enterprise class security of infrastructure and business information is now available right here in Nottingham, Space Data Centres has been designed to benefit local business, affording them the same Government level security, with local support and most beneficially, local pricing.”