Swedish tech company helping track and analyse child sexual abuse material and solve cases around the world

Reported child sexual abuse has risen 60% in last four years, according to a freedom of information request made by Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper. At the same time the number of arrests for child sexual abuse offences in England and Wales has fallen by 9%. The number of offences of child sexual abuse reported to the police has soared from 5,557 cases in 2011 to 8,892 last year. 

Christian Berg is founder of NetClean, a company working with the UK Home Office, the Department for Homeland Security, organisations, governments and ISPs around the world to stop, track and analyse child sexual abuse material and solve cases.

Christian commented that;

“Unfortunately experience tells us that the volume of child sexual abuse (CSA) crime far exceeds that which is reported to police. Tragically victims, even if they are old enough to speak, are rarely in a position to be able to tell authorities about their abuse. As a result our society has a huge responsibility to ensure we are monitoring for signs, and ensuring that this cannot happen on our watch. 

“CSA is like an addiction – collecting and using these kinds of images and videos is often a gateway. As individuals using this illegal content seek more material, the next stage is participating in actual abuse. CSA does leave evidence and some of the most common-place are images and videos made and traded online. This content is both evidence of and a catalyst for abuse as more material is produced to feed abusers’ addiction. Those who collect, view and distribute child sexual abuse material pose a significant risk to children. By finding this illegal content and bringing it to the attention of the authorities, we can help save current and future victims.

“By tracking the symptoms of this societal ill, i.e. images and videos of abuse, we can find the problem and bring those who abuse children, whether for personal or commercial gain, to justice. We need to do all we can to ensure that abuse is found, flagged to the authorities, and that those authorities have the time and resources to address the crime. Society at large needs to open its eyes to these problems and shoulder the responsibility in ensuring there is no safe haven for those who commit this abuse.”

NetClean’s work with the UK Home Office:

NetClean are working with the Home Office to implement the nationwide Child Abuse Image Database (CAID) and roll out digital forensic investigative tools to 46 law enforcement and police agencies across the country.


The CAID plays a key part in delivering on the UK government’s promise to create a central repository for consolidating data in cases of child sexual abuse material. The new service will enable crime units to share data, information and leads as part of the fight to protect children from exploitation. CAID enables law enforcement agencies to search seized devices for child abuse images and to quickly differentiate between new and existing material, allowing them to focus resources accordingly.


The contract was awarded to L-3 ASA, who is delivering the solution together with NetClean and Hubstream.

For more information: www.netclean.com