Technical support system for DFM readers

Hi Everyone,

This is just a short note to tell anyone who is a subscriber to DFM (or even if you just want to get in touch this way) that we have now introduced a very good support solution on our website to track customer support tickets. If you have a problem from now on and need technical support, or any other kind of support from the DFM team, please click on the Support menu item on the left hand side of the screen and follow the simple ticket submission process.

This new system will stop you having to send all your queries to the editorial@ address which often gets swamped by all sorts of interesting news and reviews. What we want to ensure is that we deliver impeccable service to our valued readers, so by using this ticketing system we should be able to get your inquiry right to the desk of the most relevant person in the shortest possible time.

As you might have seen by now, the DFM team is totally committed to giving you the best possible service we can offer and as such we always welcome (in fact we actively encourage) feedback on this or any other aspect of DFM. Please write to our 360 email address if you want to get your comments heard by the editorial team.

And finally, Issue 5 is really shaping up to be a fantastic issue with all sorts of really cool articles to get your forensic juices (eugh!) flowing. Also, as this is our birthday issue (yes, that’s right folks, we’re 1 in November), we have a really special set of prizes for our traditional DFM competition: we are giving away a veritable library of technical security and forensics books, along with licenses for forensics tools, a portable media player etc. So, all that remains for me to say is, until the next time,